What is the best laptop for a student under £ 500

This question comes every year. Obviously, as technology moves, the answers change. If not much happens, the general advice is.

You can get this from the answer from the previous year, although a brief summary may be helpful.

Most provide Microsoft Office for free, but ask if it includes desktop software. (Free Office 365 Education – your academic email address – no)

Second, if you’re not doing any tasks that consume a lot of computers, such as video editing, almost any laptop will have at least 4 GB of memory and 64 GB of storage space. All major brands have laptops including Acer, Asus, Dell, HP and Lenovo.

You can also consider a refurbished laptop from Tier1Online, Morgan, or a similar source.

If you follow this path, I highly recommend an Intel Core i5 or i7 processor from the X or T band, 8 GB of memory, and ThinkPad with SSD.

Third, think about peripherals. You will need an external hard drive for backup, although you must store important files online.

For convenient reasons, I recommend using a laptop (or using a set of books to raise the screen) and an external keyboard that is comfortable for home use. Says

Fourth, think about support. If you order a laptop online from Dell, HP or Lenovo, you may be able to purchase three years of site support at a reasonable price.

In the case of Lenovo, it can be as high as £ 61.56. Tier1Online also guarantees machines for three years for a small additional fee, but does not provide on-site support.

How portable

Do you want a laptop for use at home or in excavations / apartments / etc., or one you can take lectures and use on campus? There is scientific evidence that students who take notes on paper learn more.

Traditionally, students purchased 15.6 laptops as a desktop replacement. These machines are quick and inexpensive, but they are heavy to carry around and tend to have a short battery life.

If you want to carry a laptop with you everywhere, look for a 10 ”to 12” computer.

Some models double as touch tablets. Some people work with a pen or pen to create limited documents to illustrate, draw, and interpret documents. Microsoft Surface Joe is a worthy competitor.

14-inch laptops are a good solution. The latest features a slimmer bezel, so it’s no bigger than older 13.3-inch laptops, and typically have Full HD (1920 x 1080) screens instead of HD (1366 x 768) screens. Most are small and light take at least part of the time.

You can compare 14- and 15.6-inch laptops at any computer store or supermarket like John Lewis.

I think the 14-inch laptop is a good choice for most college and college students, but it may not be the best choice for you.

15.6 Options

If you decide to buy a desktop replacement 15.6in, the IdeaPad 330S 15 has the capability. Lenovo offers two models with fast AMD Ryzen processors, 8GB of memory, 256GB of PCIe SSD cards, an anti-glare IPS screen of 1920 x 1080 pixels and a suitable keyboard.

The least expensive 81FB006QUK has a Ryzen 3 2200U in a pink suitcase worth £ 409.99, but it’s worth paying £ 479.99 for the middle of the night, with Ryzen 5 2500U graphics and sharp Radeon Vega 8.

These machines are fairly elegant, relatively light (from 1.87 kg), good value for money. The screens are not great, and battery life can be very bad, but they are within your budget and should be launched with the possibility of anything you throw at them.

Currys PC World sells a version of this device for £ 399, but has memory (4 GB) and half of storage space (128 GB), so it’s not a good deal.

Also, avoid the Argos version worth £ 379.99 with 4GB of memory and a 1366 x 768 pixel screen. However, Argos offers more than ten versions of the IdeaPad 330S, so you may find a version that suits you.

HP Pavilion 15 is a good machine in some cases with better screen and better battery life (up to 11 hours).

John Lewis has a version with Intel Core i3-8145U – which will be fast enough for your needs – plus 8GB and 256GB SSD for £ 499.95. It is not currently available, but other suppliers have very similar models.


In 2015, HP closed its computer and printer divisions from a separate company, HP Inc. It sold as many personal computers as Lenovo (56m v 58m) last year thanks to the latest Pavilion laptop. In April last year.

They have a more distinctive appearance and appearance, and metal keyboard surfaces feature a geometric grid pattern (speaker grills) between the keys and the screen.


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